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Our Philosophy



Relationships - We believe relationships are central to everything we do. Relationships create a sense of belonging that is inclusive for all. At Captain Bligh all children are viewed as individuals whilst learning to interact positively within a group. This helps develop relationships, social skills and tolerance of others and their environment.


Celebrating images of childhood - We view childhood as unique and precious. We view young children as capable and strong learners. We create wondrous experiences together with our children. We value and celebrate the memories and experiences embedded in our journeys.


Lifelong love of learning - We are committed to creating a lifelong love of learning for all. Our high quality play-based programs ensure that all children experience an enriched and highly motivating curriculum through curiosity, creativity and innovation.


Commitment to ongoing change as a learning tool - We view change as a powerful and positive process where reflection, conversations and research lead to our continual growth and development.


Welcoming community - we create a welcoming enjoyable community in which everyone belongs and thrives. We believe that diversity is acceptance of differences and respect for others. We aim to provide a service that embrace diversity and celebrate differences.