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Each menu, which includes breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and late afternoon snack, is created to include a balance of all the major food groups in accordance with the recommended daily serving suggestions. This is essential for maintaining children’s health and wellbeing.

  • Children's meals are prepared and cooked onsite by our qualified chef who has many years experience working in the restaurant industry.
  • Our menus supply the children with 70% of their daily nutritional needs.
  • Our Centre caters for all known allergies and cultural beliefs.
  • We strictly follow the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (2013) from the Department of Health and Aging, it is approved by the Department of Health NSW.
  • Our Centre is nut free centre. No nut products of any kind.


We have 4 week menus which are rotated each week to provide variety of food range.


4 Weeks Menu



Seasonal Menu 1


Seasonal Menu 2


Seasonal Menu 3


Seasonal Menu 4