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About Fees Subsidies

Q: Is Captain Bligh approved to receive the Childcare Subsidy as a fee reduction?

A: Yes, we are approved under Federal Government guidelines to provide you with full access to all childcare fee subsidies currently available.


From 2 July 2018, the new Child Care Subsidy (CCS) replaced the old CCB and CCR.


Current families


In April 2018 all families currently in receipt of Child Care Benefit and/or Child Care Rebate for approved care would have received a letter from Centrelink about transition to Child Care Subsidy. Families should follow the instructions in their Centrelink letter and go online to complete their Child Care Subsidy assessment or claim for Child Care Subsidy as soon as possible.


Families who currently receive Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate as fee reduction for approved care need to complete a streamlined online Child Care Subsidy assessment by providing their 2018-19 family income estimate, their activity details and confirming their child's enrolment. These details can be approved through their Centrelink online account via or through the Express Plus Centrelink mobile App.


JETCCFA recipients would have received a Centrelink letter about Child Care Subsidy in April 2018 and a letter about Additional Child Care Subsidy (transition to work) in June 2018. They need to provide their Child Care Subsidy details and then claim for Additional Child Care Subsidy (transition to work) from June 2018 after they received their second Centrelink letter.


Centrelink will send families an assessment of their Child Care Subsidy eligibility and entitlement after they complete their Child Care Subsidy assessment or Child Care Subsidy claim online. Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to provider/s on behalf of these families from 2 July 2018.


To find out more, and to estimate what your new subsidy might be, visit or use child care subsidy calculator at


New families


New families starting approved child care from April 2018 will be able to complete a combined online Child Care Benefit and Child Care Subsidy claim from April 2018. If assessed as eligible and entitled for both they will receive Child Care Benefit until 1 July 2018 and then Child Care Subsidy from 2 July 2018.


New families starting approved child care from 2 July 2018 will be able to claim for new Child Care Subsidy online from April 2018 and if assessed as eligible and entitled, Child Care Subsidy will be paid on their behalf to their approved provider from 2 July 2018. 


Information about Child Care Subsidy for new families can be found at