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Early Education and Care Centre in Hawkesbury

Captain Bligh Early Learning Center in Hawkesbury is pleased to offer dedicated long day care and preschool services at our early learning centre. Our team are passionate about helping children learn through play-based programs. We focus on the tenets of belonging, being and becoming. If you need long day care options for your child, explore what Captain Bligh Early Learning Center has to offer.


Our curriculum

Our early learning centre runs under the Early Year Learning Framework (EYLF) and complies with the Children National Law and Education and Care Services National Regulations. We base our curriculum and programs on the latest research in child development, and these programs are facilitated by our qualified staff and experienced early childhood professionals.


Our learning outcomes

During our preschool and long day care programs, we work with your child to help them develop and build:

  • A connection to the world
  • Their identity
  • A sense of wellbeing
  • Confidence
  • Communication skills

We accomplish this by planning learning programs based on your child’s talents and strengths specifically. These individually crafted experiences are designed to help your child learn and grow based on their needs.


Our commitment

We are committed to early childhood learning and helping our students learn to explore, solve problems and develop inquisitive minds. To provide the best experience possible for your child, we have enlisted the help of a committed, experienced and dedicated staff.

We are also careful to comply with all children's education regulations proposed by the government. To learn more about these regulations, you can refer to the following government websites:

If you’d like to learn more about enrolling your child at Captain Bligh Early Learning Center in Hawkesbury, call us on (02) 4557 2193. You can also submit an online enquiry.