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Long Daycare Near Hawkesbury

Our program supports the Early Years Learning Framework and embodies its central idea of 'belonging, being and becoming'. Captain Bligh Early Learning Centre strongly values the importance of play-based programs. All of our high quality programs are based on current research and are planned by our experienced and qualified early childhood staff.


We acknowledge the importance of play in early childhood development. Through play children explore and learn to understand the world around them. When children play they are showing what they have learned and what they are trying to understand. When children play with other children they create social groups, test out ideas, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understandings.


According to the Early Years Learning Framework’s Five Learning Outcomes we will assist children to develop:

  • A strong sense of their identities (have confidence in themselves and to form friendships).
  • Connections with their world (learn to respect the environment and cultural diversity).
  • A strong sense of wellbeing (socially, emotionally and physically).
  • Confidence and involvement in their learning (explore, create, learn, and experiment).
  • Effective communication skills (by using literacy and numeracy to communicate).


Our educators develop your child's learning program by:

  • Identifying your child's strengths and interests through observing and engaging with them, and speaking with your family.
  • Planning experiences, choosing teaching strategies and designing the environment to build on your child's skills, knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Designing individual and group experiences that help your child to inquire, make discoveries, explore ideas, work cooperatively and solve problems.
  • Reflecting on, evaluating and documenting the learning outcomes for your child to inform future planning.

If you would like to know more about the regulations in relation to your child's education and care, please refer to the government websites below:


Early Years Learning Framework is part of the Council of Australian Government's reform agenda for early childhood education and care. It is a key component of the Australian Government's National Quality Framework.


The Education and Care Services Regulations support the national regulatory legislation provide detail on a range of operational requirements for an education and care service.