Captain Bligh Preschool Seasonal Menu-Week.3
Serve Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Cereal -Ricebubbles Milk/Water Cereal -Ricebubbles Milk/Water Cereal -Ricebubbles Milk/Water Cereal -Ricebubbles Milk/Water Cereal -Ricebubbles Milk/Water
Morning Tea Fresh fruit platter with cheese (apples, oranges, banana, watermelon, sultana with cheese Milk/Water Fresh fruit platter, (apple, oranges, banana, watermelon, sultana ) Milk/Water Stewed Fruit and custard Milk and Water Savoury platter with dips (Cheese,carrots, cucucumber, hummus dip wholegrain crackers) Milk/water Toasted cheese sandwiches Milk/Water
Lunch Vegetable quiche with baked beans(Baked beans eggs, cheese, carrot, brocolli, capsicum, zuchinni, cauliflower)                             Water                   VEGETARIAN DISH Lamb Trecolori with vegetables (Capsicum, zuchinni, carrots) and cheese pasta                   Water                                         RED MEAT DISH Tasty tuna,Tomato and Noodle Bake (Steamed cauliflower, carrot and brocolli)     Water                               WHITE MEAT DISH Boston Bean Bake(beans, egg, cheese, carrots, spinach, breadcrumbs) Steamed broccoli, peas and cauliflower. Water                   VEGETARIAN DISH Chicken curry and brown rice (Celery, carrots, capsicum, potato, onion) with garden salad Water                  WHITE MEAT DISH
Afternoon Tea Honeyoat slice Milk/Water Cheese Scones Milk/Water         Fresh fruit platter (apple, oranges, banana, watermelon, sultana) Milk/Water ANZAC Slice Milk Water Fresh and dried fruit platter (apple,oranges, banana,watermelon sultana, apricots) Milk/Water
Late Snack Fresh fruit platter  Fresh fruit platter  Fresh fruit platter  Fresh fruit platter  Fresh fruit platter 
Key: Breads,cereals,rice and pasta. Vegetables, Fruit, RedMeat, White Meat, Dairy and Protein